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You only need few lessons to get introduced to business world not 3 or 4 years in business schools
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About us:
Money Trails includes a course with 11 lessons that will make you dive into the business world. With a step-to-step procedure to earn your first million, you no longer need to spend 3-4 years in business school. Money Trails will allow YOU to make money expeditiously and effectively. From how to get funding to how to sell your corporation, Money Trails will give you all the information you need to start up your path to the first million.

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Here are some of our graduates and students who explain what it’s like to learn with us, and why they chose the The Money Trails.
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Alireza Alizadeh

The faculty and staff at The Money Trails are very supportive. My experience here has been really wonderful. My journey here has put me through many ups and downs and the staff at The Money Trails helped me and stuck by me while I faced the situations. 

Firooz Amini

My experience here will be of immense value in the future development of my career in the tourism industry. The focus of my studies has been practical and the teaching staff have been helpful, stimulating and encouraging.

Frequently asked questions

What are The Money Trails?
The Money Trails is an exclusive lifetime members-only course. It can be reached anywhere and at any time.
They are lessons on the steps you need to make right now to achieve extreme success and earn millions. The course lays out the steps chronologically, guaranteeing an effective result.

Who is Emran Ahadi?
Emran Ahadi is an entrepreneur and millionaire. He runs five successful businesses, has become financially independent, and has a wide and successful networking around him. To aid goal-oriented individuals striving for success, Emran has provided courses that will teach you precisely what you need to start your journey to extreme success. See his Instagram.

How much are the courses?
The courses are only 27$. We don’t charge you every month like many. We will provide you with 11 valuable lessons connecting you to the world of success. Once you join the course, you can access the lessons and listen to them wherever and whenever you like!

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